*Please Read Before Posting To This Blog*

Before you recite something you heard that has made you so angry you have to post it, make sure you have read the entirety of the source it came from. This goes for responses as well. Make sure you have read the full source material of both what you are responding to, and what you are basing your response upon. Fact check what you hear/read/see. Make sure what you’ve heard isn’t based on misquoted or unreliable sources. Take the time to find the full source, and decide for yourself. And be ready to accept that, no matter how much time you’ve spent doing it, your research may be incomplete. Even if you are only playing devils advocate.

There is no conclusion to intelligent discourse.

If you’ve done all this, then I respectfully relinquish the floor to you. l vow to listen attentively and hold myself to the same, if not higher, standards.


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