About This Creation

This blog is being very quickly created at the end of September/beginning of October 2008 because, quite frankly, I can no longer merely respond to the ideas of others. At the current time, the economy of the US has been thrown into what is currently being called a crisis. I say “currently being called” because this part of this About page will not change, and it may come to light in later years that this was not a crisis.

I cannot predict the future, nor do I understand the events of the current well enough to know, as fact, what is really going on. However, at current there is little doubt among the majority of the populous that we are in a crisis.

This crisis has created massive traffic on the newly created “blogosphere”, allowing a dissemination of ideas and opinions that is without precedent. Unfortunately, especially with this being weeks before a major election, almost all of these ideas and opinions continue to play partisan politics with intangible issues. Everyone has a side. And at current, the majority of people are divided between two sides. Each side is certain the other side is at fault. And each side is certain the platform of the other side is fundamentally wrong.

The problem is, no one side is at fault. And neither platform is fundamentally wrong. The future is unpredictable. The people who benefit cannot predict the downfall. If they could, economic policy that leads to failure would never be instituted.  When the economy fails, everyone loses money. No one, even those at the top of the food chain, wants to lose money. No matter how many lobbyists are in power, how many politicians are in the pocket of outside interests, or how rampant corruption is, no one wants to see the whole damned ship go down. Because when it all goes down, everyone loses.

It is for this reason that I have decided to launch this attempt to stake a claim in my own part of this ever increasing territory. To blame one bill, one person, or one party for creating the problems of this country is, I hope, simply uninformed. The world is not that simple. As such, I offer this space as a refuge from blame and a safe haven for informed debate.


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