Death Threats, Hung Visages…Stop Acting Like Children!

October 28, 2008

So, for those who haven’t seen, there were two major political news stories today. The first were the two guys arrested who had hatched a plot to kill Obama. The other was a visage of Palin hung from a noose in West Hollywood. It’s time to stop playing with fire. If the candidates really hadn’t realized it already, it should now be exceedingly clear. We’re acting like children. And these children have become an angry mob. And they’re finding weapons, symbolic or otherwise. We stand on the verge of what may be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The only thing that is going to avert this event is by coming together as a country and using that classic American “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” spirit to keep our country from spiraling into the s&*tter. It’s past time to stop riling up the public in any way – it’s time to start calming everyone down before it’s too late to placate someone. Stop playing divisive political games…the stakes are too high. On a lighter note though – Yahoo had a story on their front page about the price of 32″ LCD TVs possibly dropping as low as $399 by Christmas, so lets hope we can go back to placating ourselves with high-def and leave the violence on the screen.


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